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[GM BLOG 03]

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➤ What’s a GM blog?

Blog posts are sort of patch notes, only they haven’t happened yet. Through them we’ll be sharing our plans for this server as well as some explanations to our reasoning.

➤ Today’s entry

This blog post will tackle all kind of information.

Brooch Event

In a previous entry it was said that we’ll be hosting brooch events monthly, however, that was before we even had launched the first brooch event. Now that it’s done, we realize it was a great push foward and there’s currently no need to host brooch event monthly. Thanks to that push the prices are now affordable and with the Burning Quartz system, there’s always a mean of getting new brooches. We had already mentioned several times on the Discord that we don’t need that event again (yet), but now this is an official statement in the GM blog entry. However, it doesn’t mean that those events won’t happen again. They definitely will. However, we’re taking back what we said about making them monthly. This will no longer be a thing.

To some players who are disappointed about it, please understand that the point of those events is to help the community and its marketplace. Not to burry it. A Discord poll will be hosted very soon to gather the players’ opinion on when the next brooch event should be held. Make sure to vote if you’d like your voice to be heard!

Weekly Maintenance

Some players seem to be expecting too much out of a weekly MT, so here is a clarification about what they truly are:

「 I think there’s a misconception on what weekly MTs are for. They don’t always have much content that comes with them because their main purpose is to keep the server up and running by making sure it’s working well every week.

We decide to bring content (when there is) on Thursday, simply because it fits with the weekly check-up and it makes it things easier for everyone. Some weeks, there might just be bug fixing or new costumes. Other weeks, there might be more news.

Unless there’s an event or a client update, you won’t see anything mind blowing. The past MTs have been properly taken care of. It’s only this week that has been delayed because of Burning’s being burnt out. So no, it doesn’t keep happening. You’re just expecting too much out of a weekly MT. 」

29th Maintenance

Sadly this week’s maintenance had to be delayed due to Burning’s wellbeing. This was explained briefly on the Discord server and an official statement was planned for the 1st of May along the monthly Discord rewards, however, it has been done now instead. Thank you for understanding.


Our last event ended on the 22nd of this month. So while there’s actually no need to ask an ETA on the next one, we’ll still give you one: there’ll be a new event on the 6th of May. Basically, on next week’s maintenance.

No more information to disclose about this matter yet.

Costumes and client update version 2.2

Many players have been asking for a client update, however there’s currently not much to update. Sure, some new costumes, but we still have yet to release all the costumes we currently have. For May we will be focusing on releasing both old and new costumes that we hold, there will be no client update in May. However, whenever there’ll be more new content, we’ll be doing our best to update ASAP. Stay tuned!

On that note, here’s a clarification as to why we do client updates more frequently but with less content: it is not an easy task by any means. Some players seem to think that we can do client updates whenever we want and that it’ll be no trouble at all. This is wrong. It’s complicated and very time consuming, a lot of work goes through that and it’s just not worth it for a few new costumes and quality of life updates. It’s not that we don’t want to or considor minor updates “too trivial to care”, but objectively speaking, it’s complicated to pull that off. Hopefully this fixes some misunderstandings.