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BSW's custom content

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Playing on our private server gives you many advantages, especially for our buffed rates. They are as follow:

  • Maze EXP x3
  • Monster EXP x3
  • Reward EXP x2
  • Drop chance x2
  • Drop quantity x3
  • Zenny x2.5
  • Zenny chance x4 to x5
  • Battle Points x5
  • SoulVapor x3
  • Ether x3
  • Brooch extraction cost /3
  • 999x Vitamins when you create a character
  • You can stack items up to 9999
  • AntiDestruction not needed until +10 upgrade for all gears except LF and VS

We also have revisited rates for the latest raid available: Violent Sun:

  • The drop amount of shards in VS phase 3 are increased.
  • The crafting cost for the Heroic gear of Burning Ember is reduced.
  • The number of daily entries is increased to 4.


To help our players with their grind, we’ve instored our very unique system: the Burning Quartz! Farm the raids in order to obtain [Burning Quartz]. You’ll be able to exchange that material for very interesting prizes at our custom NPC [Lucy]. Click the banner below to read more about it.

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On BSW, you’re able to get stronger than on other servers! Instead of being limited to a +9 weapon and armor with limited slots, you can increase it to +10 with 5 slots for your stats!

  • Once your gear is +9, try your luck upgrading it to +10.
  • You’ll need Golden Etherite in order to upgrade it.
  • This material can be obtained through the Glutton World!

And yes, Glutton World is always available! It’s no longer an event-limited dungeon. Lastly, legendary familiars can be extracted from your gear!


Our server offers custom and exclusive fashion as well! You can click the banner below to get more information on them.

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If you have Zenny to burn, try out our Zenny Burners! If you’re lucky, you can get rare 5* AR cards such as Kent, or even our exclusive card, [Flemma]! You can know more about him and what our ZB contains through clicking the banner below.

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CdR 2% / Attack + 400CdR 2% / Attack +800
+ 1CdR 3% / Attack + 600CdR 4% / Attack + 1000
+ 2CdR 4% / Attack + 800CdR 6% / Attack + 1200

The card has been buffed since its release. The table above contains its latest information.