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April Fool's

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Hello everyone,
This is an official statement of the staff team, we have faced some unsuspected circumstances that forced this extraordinary situation. Please read ahead.

We have been forced by an external third party to rebrand our game to “Buwuning SouwWowkew” to avoid legal litigations against our team.
This is the day we all feared, the day we hoped it would never happen. The day we got a cease and desist letter by not one others than the Tiger Games lawyers.

For sake of transparency, you can read it here: image alt center

After hiring a translator (you can find the translation here),
We are very afraid of this letter, the ramifications and damages it could cost to the core team members are simply incalculable. Have you ever seen how much does a Tiger eat? Holy jesus.

We contacted an attorney at first notice, since this could be bad for us. Really really bad.
The advice we got was to try to hide in plain sight, it was suggested (to not say forced) to change our name, and the best option was to get into their language territory.
Hence, “Buwuning SouwWowkew” has come to light.

We are going to ignore the letter and hope for the best with our veri mux wow stelf techniques. No one wants to play with Erwin and Jin, only. Right?!
Let’s hope we can survive this storm.

Signing off,