Weekly Maintenance

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In this weekly maintenance we’re introducing the following changes to the game:

Screenshot Contest

We’ll be hosting our first screenshot contest since 2.0! We hope you had fun during April’s fool, so show us your best pranks and funniest moments!

Click on the banner to know more!

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Item Mall Changes

The new 【Gacha Soulbreaker】 will be available until May 1 at Item Mall. For more information on this new Soulbreaker, visit:

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Changes to 【Flemma】

We have collected feedback on our previous released custom AR and we have decided to balance it’s stats to the following

CdR 2% / Attack + 400CdR 2% / Attack +800
+ 1CdR 3% / Attack + 600CdR 4% / Attack + 1000
+ 2CdR 4% / Attack + 800CdR 6% / Attack + 1200

The definitive changes
The card can not be equipped with Kent, the Attack substat has been buffed.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue were custom fashion would randomly remove other pieces of custom fashion on equip
  • Now the tags of VS earrings get automatically removed