ZB III & New AR【Flemma】

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On this really delayed maintenance we are adding the following changes

New Zenny Burner

The long-awaited Zenny Burner III is finally here, and you can get it for 5.000.000 ZN on Lucy in any city,
Inside this Zenny Burner you can get the rare 【Kent】 card, and also our brand new custom BurningSW exclusive card: 【Flemma】, among other valuable utility items such as perfumes.

Flemmax 10.375%
Flemma μx 10.125%
Kentx 10.375%
Kent μx 10.125%
Blood Perfumex 69%
Iron Perfumex 69%
Flash Perfumex 69%
Lightning Perfumex 69%
Beast Perfumex 69%
Vigor Perfumex 69%
Hellfire Sprayx 39%
Albatross Sprayx 39%
Tempest Sprayx 39%
Gigantess Sprayx 39%
Strider Sprayx 39%

Custom AR 【Flemma】

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CdR 2% / Attack + 200CdR 2% / Attack + 400
+ 1CdR 3% / Attack + 400CdR 4% / Attack + 600
+ 2CdR 4% / Attack + 600CdR 6% / Attack + 800

 Note: This is our first iteration of a custom AR card ever!
We might tweak the values/stats of the card in the upcoming weeks if we deem necessary.


  • The【Gym Uniform】costume will be available in the Item Mall from now on, permanently.
    Set available for: Haru, Erwin, Lily, Jin, Stella, Iris, Chii, Ephnel

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Full set of pieces
Has a portrait
Can be dyed

  • Added Holy Knight avatar and portrait for Ephnel
  • Added the following hairstyles: Tinted, Moist Volume, Unbalanced waves, Straight blended
  • Added missing skin tones
  • Added missing eye colors

Other changes

  • Brooch event has ended, the Purple Quartz drops have been removed.
  • Lucy shop has been re-arranged

Please remain patient as there’s no ETA on how long it might take to perform the maintenance, more information and status updates can be found on our Discord server.