Rising from the ashes!

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Burning SoulWorker is back online!

On the 10th of March our host provider experienced a major fire in their datacenters.
We had an extended downtime due to this incident, now that the issue has been fixed we are back to business!

Burning SoulWorker has now literally survived a fire, we are more burning than ever before 


We are going to perform our Weekly maintenance during the 25th March, we teased in our discord server the upcoming changes we are going to be applying

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Note: We are not adding all of those changes in this week maintenance.
Also, the brooch event gets extended until the maintenance.


Due to the extended downtime we are going to be delivering daily Violent Sun tickets to make up for the lost runs. We are going to start on this week’s maintenance and end on the next week’s one.

If you have made this far, you can have use the following coupon in-game: WeAreRisingFromAshes