Item Mall Guide

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Getting Burning Coins, a guide

Obtaining Burning Coins is easy, we have partnered with Item Mall to make transactions easy for you.
Item Mall is a virtual market place that you can use to buy virtual currencies, game items, and so much more from their partnered stores.

Creating an account

First order of business is obtaining an account on Item Mall, you can do so here:

image alt center Once you fill in your details, and click Sign up you will need to verify your email account!
You’re going to get an email with the verification link.

Making your choice

You can head to our official store following this link:
Now that you’ve an account, simply pick which package you want to purchase!

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You can add multiple items to your cart, or directly purchase any item you want to!
Warning! Only tokens purchased from the Burning SoulWorker store will work on our website.


Once you’re done selecting which packages you want to buy, you need to head to your cart. Verify your purchase and proceed to do the checkout
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Next step is selecting your choice of payment option, and proceed with the payment.
If you’re successful you will be granted with a valid token on your past orders panel image alt center

Redeem the tokens

You can use your newly obtained tokens in the donation panel.
Introduce the token code you have obtained, and if everything has gone accordingly you will be granted your B-Coins
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Warning: We are not selling anything directly. Via this method you can donate to help our servers costs. In return we will grant you with an in-game virtual currency. Therefore you agree to the Term that upon completion of this donation you cannot claim any chargeback