Version 2.1 Solar Flare

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New area【West War】

The new quest and subquest chain: West War has been implemented. This new area is located in Grace City and gets unlocked once you have completed Dipluce Horizon’s main quest line. It features four new dungeons and a new level cap: up to level 72.

To access these new areas, you need to speak with NPC Arin in Grace City, who will be available once you start the West War questline. This new area also brings the implementation of a new skill for each Soulworker!

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New raid【Violent Sun】

Violent Sun is a new high difficulty raid that you can challenge from level 72. You unlock it after clearing the main quest from West War II questline that can be done at Grace City. You can do the raid a total of four times a day, and you can obtain up to extra 7 permits per week.

By completing the raid you can obtain the new gear set which comes in three different variants: St, Ex, Hr. The full equipment bonus will only be activated if all your equipment pieces belong to the same sub-category.

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You can get all the different materials needed by simply completing the raid or repeatable daily missions, or by obtaining them from NPC Maxim found in Grace City. Note that each sub-category of the Violent Sun equipment requires a different amount of materials in order to be crafted.

Also, take in mind that a few small changes have been made to the original raid values:

  • The drop amount of shards in Violent Sun Phase 3 has been increased.
  • The crafting cost for the Heroic gear of burning embers has been reduced.
  • The number of daily entries has been increased to 4, instead of 3.

Violent Sun Official PV

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Quartz System Update

The Quartz system has been properly updated according to the new raid, Violent Sun. A new item is available, and the drops of the new raid has been updated.

PhaseQuartz Drop
Phase 120 Qz
Phase 235 Qz
Phase 350 Qz
7xVS reset ticket30 QzWeekly

New World Boss【The Doom】

The Doom is joining forces to The Thing! Starting from level 65 this new and powerful world boss will appear at specific times to allow you to get higher tier rewards and buff effects when you successfully defeat it.

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The Doom will appear twice a day: at 1:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. server time. Not only are the provided buffs much more powerful than The Thing’s, but Doom also drop powerful familiars and a special token, that you can exchange at NPC Io for Brooch Qubes that have higher chance to get Tera, from each category.

Item Mall Changes

⯆ The AR card 【God Kent】 will be available in the Item Mall.
You can obtain this new AR inside the new special AR Qube.
image alt center Kent will become available in a Zenny Burner in a week time from the update.

⯆ The new promotional costumes for Haru, Lily and Erwin will be available in the Item Mall permanently.
⯆ The promotional weapons will be available in the Item Mall permanently up to Chii.

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⯆ The 【Blossom Romance】 costume will be available in the Item Mall permanently. There are two different packs for this costume, the 【Wedding Package】 and the 【Wedding Special Package】: which has two additional special features.
Set available for: Haru, Erwin, Lily, Jin, Stella, Iris, Chii and Ephnel.

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Wedding PackageSpecial Wedding Package
Has special emoji.Has special emoji.
Has unique battle animations.Has unique battle animations.
Has extra voice lines.Has extra voice lines.
Has unique weapon avatar.Has unique weapon avatar.
Can be dyed.Can be dyed.
Contains the Falling petals player effect.
Contains the Wedding Warp Orb.

  • The Wedding Warp Orb can be used to transport the player to the new area: Eternal Promise.
  • The Falling petals is a visual effect that the player can equip to have the effect of petals falling around them permanently.

⯆ The 【Wedding accessories and portraits】 for this costume will be available in their respective section in Item mall as well.
Accessories available for: Haru, Erwin, Lily, Jin, Stella, Iris, Chii and Ephnel.

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Minor Changes

  • The new 3D remodels applied for: Haru, Lily and Erwin.
  • Missing skills rebalances implemented
  • Refinement items for Primacy gear (HH) are now Magic scarfs instead of Energy Converters.
  • You can now make stacks of identical AR cards.
  • You can now revert premium costumes to their previous package status if you have all the pieces in your inventory.
  • Implemented a quick whisper reply and font size change function in the settings.
  • New familiars are available from now on at Maxim in Grace City.
  • New ARs Poison (★★★★★) and Pixel Ephnel (★★★★) were added to the AR card’s usual pool.
  • Bugfix The party ranking is now functional

Known Issues

  • We’re aware that the stockings for custom outfits (SoulBreakers) are a bit glitched. Equipping the stockings make you unequip the shoes. Equipping the weapon can also unequip the costume. This can be worked around if you tweak around visual equipping and normal equipping, but it might not always work out. We will tackle this in the next MT, on the 25th