Weekly Maintenance

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In this weekly maintenance we’re introducing the following changes to the game:

Burning Quartz rework

  • As mentioned in the GM’s blog [02], the Burning Quartz system is revisited. There was a typo about the Altar of Void Quartz drops, we apologize for this mistake. Another change is the Zenny cost for the Tags craft. Since the GM post, it has been edited again. Here are the new drop tables:

RaidQuartz drop
Lunar Fall45 Qz
Hidden Hideout35 Qz
Primal Hero30 Qz
Primal20 Qz
Altar of Void15 Qz
Innocent Daydream15 Qz
Skyclock Palace7 Qz
Golden Citadel7 Qz
ItemZN cost
1-6 Tags20 000 ZN
3-6 Tags50 000 ZN

Item Mall

  • Christmas portraits have been properly removed.
  • Removed Ephnel Holy maiden glove.
  • Iris’ [Clouddream Superstar] package has been added.
  • Added 【Shadow Rider】Helmet.
  • The【Shadow Rider】costume will be available in the Item Mall from now on, permanently.
    Set available for: Haru, Erwin, Lily, Jin, Stella, Iris, Chii, Ephnel.

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Full set of pieces
Contains a weapon
Has a special emoji
Has a portrait
Can be dyed

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  • The megaphones’ drop rate has been increased.


Please remain patient as there’s no ETA on how long it might take to perform the maintenance, more information and status updates can be found on our Discord server.