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[GM BLOG 02]

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➤ What’s a GM blog?

Blog posts are sort of patch notes, only they haven’t happened yet. Through them we’ll be sharing our plans for this server as well as some explanations to our reasoning.

➤ Today’s entry

This blog post will tackle the upcoming upgrade to 2.1, new contents, changes to the Burning Quartz system and a few more!

Version 2.1: Solar Flare

Our first content update since our comeback will happen very soon! image alt right

The estimated time of arrival is the 22nd of February, 2021. We are going to catch up with the content that we have been missing.
You can expect the following:

  • Level cap 72
  • Violent Sun
  • West War (4 new mazes)
  • The Doom
  • Haru, Lily and Erwin remodels
  • Skills rebalances
  • And some more content/changes that are not mentioned here yet!

Our plans is to reduce the crafting time of the Violent Sun Heroic gear by half approximately per character and not account. We will make any necessary changes to make this work out. More information will be released in the 2.1 information post.

In addition, there will be a special event to help you gear up for the Violent Sun raid in case you weren’t ready yet! Information is not revealed yet, but stay tuned. While we’re on the topic of helping players gear up, we’d like to announce we’ll start hosting small brooches events as well! You’ll be able to farm brooches qubes with higher Tera rates during a week long event. Don’t worry, they’ll be held every month so make sure to look out for them!

As for the new ARs that are coming up soon on JP (such as Kent), we decided to upgrade to 2.1 now without waiting for that update. However don’t fret, we will make another update whenever the ARs arrive!

Burning Quartz System

Due to players’ feedback, we will rebalance the Quartz system! The changes are going to come in this week maintenance.
Those are the important points about it:

  • Getting the materials for the crafts will be faster (you won’t need to farm it as much). It has gone from ~20hrs weekly to ~14hrs weekly.
  • Raids give more Quartz, the new amounts were based to make it more profitable to run raids instead of just SCP spam farming
  • Zenny cost for Tags craft have been reduced. 1-6 Tags will be 50.000 ZN. 3-6 Tags will be 100.000 ZN.

RaidQuartz drop
Lunar Fall45 Qz
Hidden Hideout35 Qz
Primal Hero30 Qz
Primal20 Qz
Altar of Void15 Qz
Innocent Daydream15 Qz
Skyclock Palace7 Qz
Golden Citadel7 Qz

Note: Once Violent Sun gets released it will get added to the quartz drop table

SoulBreaker Sneak Peak

We are planning to release a brand new custom costume on the 1st of March! Here’s a little sneak peak of which costume will be added to the game! image alt center

The next SB after this one will be from a famous anime series, so make sure to keep yourself updated to not miss it!
Also, we are planning to have two SoulBreakers per month instead of just one. The first to be released will be on the 1st of the month, and the 2nd will be on the 15th. They both will last a month each and will feature custom fashion for the game.

If you have made it this far here’s a little treat for you! Redeem the following code in-game for a gift!
Coupon code: TheCrabRaveParty (Available until the 22nd)