Burning Quartz System

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What is the Burning Quartz system?

This new system is a system based on raids-farming. The more you farm them, the more you can drop “Burning Quartz” which can be used at NPC [Lucy] in order to craft some high-end items every week!


➣ “Burning Quartz” drops in the following raids:
Golden Citadel, Primal/Hero, Innocent DayDream, Sky Clock Palace, Altar of Void, Hidden Hideout, Lunar Fall, Violent Sun.

➣ The crafts are per account to limit any abuse. The Burning Quartz can be put in storeage for your convenience.

What can be crafted?

Everyday, farm your raids in order to gather Burning Quartz. Every week you can craft the following items:

Craft list per weekCost in ZennyCost in Burning Quartz
AntiLimiter: 7x50.000 ZN5 BQ
AntiDestruction: 100x50.000 ZN5 BQ
Energy Converter: 120x50.000 ZN5 BQ
Ether 100k box: 50x50.000 ZN5 BQ
Normal AR cards: 100x50.000 ZN5 BQ
Rare AR cards: 50x100.000 ZN10 BQ
All SD brooch qube: 10x250.000 ZN10 BQ
All BSK brooch qube: 10x250.000 ZN10 BQ
All FOT brooch qube: 10x250.000 ZN10 BQ
All SIN brooch qube: 10x250.000 ZN10 BQ
5x four perfumes (5min) package: unlimited7.000.000 ZN20 BQ
1-6 grade Tags: 100x for both types20.000 ZN10 BQ
3-6 grade Tags: 30x for both types50.000 ZN15 BQ
5-6 grade Tags: 2x for both types1.000.000 ZN50 BQ
LF reset ticket: 5x1.000.000 ZN30 BQ
VS reset ticket: 7x1.000.000 ZN30 BQ
Chloe fashion box: 1x per character1.000.000 ZN50 BQ
Chloe jewelry box: 1x per character1.000.000 ZN50 BQ
Servants of Void outfit: 1x per character80.000.000 ZN1000 BQ
Desire Worker outfit: 1x per character100.000.000 ZN1500 BQ

What is the drop rate?

Since some raids have daily limits and some are more difficult than others, the drop rate is different in every raid.

RaidB.Quartz per run
Violent Sun Phase 120 BQ
Violent Sun Phase 235 BQ
Violent Sun Phase 350 BQ
Lunar Fall45 BQ
Hidden Hideout35 BQ
Primal Hero30 BQ
Primal20 BQ
Skyclock Palace20 BQ
Altar of Void15 BQ
Innocent Daydream15 BQ
Golden Citadel7 BQ

image ⚠ Note: Remember that the limited raids are only limited per character and that the Quartz can be shared in bank. We divided the original numbers we had in mind for the limited raids by 4, assuming that players have around four active characters and that number being half of the limit. image ⚠ Note: If you however have more characters that can do raids we will not sanction you. It’s only “good for you”. image ⚠ Note: This is the first version of the system and it can be subject to change if we notice that it’s flawed or needs improvement.

What to do with the old Quartz items?

You can exchange the old Burning Quartz at a 1:1 conversion rate at NPC [Lucy]!