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➤ What’s a GM blog?

Blog posts are sort of patch notes, only they haven’t happened yet. Through them we’ll be sharing our plans for this server as well as some explanations to our reasoning.

➤ Today’s entry

This blog post will tackle the Quartz System, what’s to be expected for events crafts lists, and the alt farming system. image


This had already been foreshadowed a few days ago through our Discord channel. The Burning Quartz system will be a system that will allow you to craft different kind of useful items for your progression. It has a few goals:

  • Help the brooch market
  • Regulate the alt characters farming
  • Find a new way to actually grind what you need
  • All the while allowing you to do it on your favorite character

    image ➣ “Burning Quartz” will be an item that drop in raids, so to know:
    Golden Citadel, Primal/Hero, Innocent DayDream, Sky Clock Palace, Altar of Void, Hidden Hideout, Lunar Fall. image

➣ There will be a weekly limit to how many items you can craft every week. We decided to go for weekly limits instead of daily, just so that you don’t have to worry about missing a day worth of crafts!

➣ In addition, the crafts will be limited per account. Which means you can just farm on whichever character you prefer, as the Quartz will be bankable too. This is all for convenience purposes, while disabling people from abusing the system if it were per character based.


As we decided to go for a system that’d reduce/remove the need to alt farm, we went for the higher numbers crafts from your suggestions. This is the current table:

Craft list per week
AntiLimiter: 7x
AntiDestruction: 100x
Energy Converter: 120x
SD brooch: 10x
BSK brooch: 10x
FOT brooch: 10x
SIN brooch: 10x
Ether 500k box: 10x
Blue AK cards: 100x
Red AK cards: 50x
1-6 grade Tags: 100x for both types
3-6 grade Tags: 30x for both types
5-6 grade Tags: 2x for both types
LF reset ticket: 5x
Desire Worket outfit: 1x
Servants of Void outfit: 1x
Chloe fashion box: 1x
Chloe jewelry box: 1x


Some players asked for megaphones, keycards and dyes to be added in there. Our answer is no: the Quartz system isn’t a “one patch for all” and it’s not a “free Item Mall” either. However apart from the Quartz system we will still apply few changes, so to know:

  • Megaphones, keycards, premium potions etc. will drop in dungeons again!
  • Dyes will not be in the Quartz system, however they’ll be available to craft during events!
  • Energy Converters won’t be a craft in events anymore, since you’ll get enough through the Quartz system and Glutton World.
  • Character deletion waiting time will be increased from 7hours to 4 days.
  • Next event will be Valentine’s! Its planned date is for the 11th of this month.
  • A new unreleased yet set will be available at that time, the Servant set! Up to Chii.

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