Weekly Maintenance

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In this weekly maintenance we’re introducing the following changes to the game:

Bug fixes

  • Count boxes in general are now unbankable
  • Now Dipluce Horizon has the proper clearance rewards for mazes
  • Fixed daily attendance play time rewards
  • Fixed the rewards from the ranking
  • Drop system buff overhaul, this should fix most of the current issues related with drops
  • Certain items wouldn’t drop the increased up to x3 quantity, fixed.
  • Glutton World drops now on hit

Quality of Life

  • Increased maze clearance by x5
  • Set everyone’s maze clearance progress to 0.
  • Lowered extraction cost to 1/3th
  • Reverted to the old FP system
  • Vitamins are now craftable at Glutton (this fixes the Glutton NPC crash bug)
  • New characters start with a pack of 999 Vitamins Z
  • Obtain a 999 Vitamins Z package using the coupon DamnThoseVitamins (Valid until the 31st Jan)

Item Mall

  • Added teleport orbs package for 5.000 BC
  • Decreased teleport orbs prices to 1.000 BC (from 2.500BC, everyone who bought them in the past week will be refunded)
  • Added packages for Tags and Dyes
  • Added permanently new costume: Forest Academy (Dyeable, and Portraits available)

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Please remain patient as there’s no ETA on how long it might take to perform the maintenance, more information and status updates can be found on our Discord server.

We’re planning the introduction of Burning Quartz and bring back custom boss drops by next week! So stay tuned~