Weekly maintenance

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In this weekly maintenance we’re introducing the following changes to the game:

Bug fixes

  • Glutton World drops should be fixed now (this time for good.)
  • Increased item drop chance by x2
  • Doubled +9 gear chance upgrade
  • Augmented by 10 the max upgrade attempts in all gear pieces
  • Added back the 5 lines +10 script
  • Made [Limited-time] Special Count Box II item unbankeable

Item Mall

  • Set Haru/Erwin hair style to its correct prices
  • Removed ARs Qubes packs
  • Removed nostalgia SoulBreaker
  • Added permanent teleport qubes


  • Sent Discord monthly rewards (25 Special AR Qubes, 25 ATK Tags, 25 Def Tags, 35 ECs, 35 ADs)

Please remain patient as there’s no ETA on how long it might take to perform the maintenance, more information and status updates can be found on our Discord server.

Next week patch we’re going to address remaining bugs, issues, and problems.
We also are going to add new ARs/brooches/tags packs. QoL updates are being worked on ~