New launcher

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Great ideas fall short if there’s no proper engineering in place to support them. That defines our old launcher, a good idea that basically was unusable.
That’s why we have invested time and resources in developing a brand new launcher for the game! And you can learn how to install it here~

[Guide] How to install it

I’m going to walk you through every single step to install the new launcher, so hopefully you won’t have any issues regarding the installation!

1. Download

You can download the client clicking by clicking the [DOWNLOAD THE GAME] button in mid screen, or clicking here.

2. Installation

Once the program has finished downloading, execute it as administrator. You’ll get a warning regarding using a trial version of Advanced Installer. Dismiss it by pressing Ok.

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If you already had the game installer, set the install path to where your current Burning SoulWorker installation is. If not, select where you want to install it.
Make sure to accept the License terms and conditions and click on Install

If you need to uninstall

You might encounter an error asking you to uninstall the old version of the program.
You can solve it uninstalling it from the Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program. Look for the one called Burning SoulWorker and proceed with the uninstallation.

3. Run the program

After installing the program there’s not too much left to do! Execute the launcher from any the shortcuts that the installer created, and log in in the panel it will show up.

image alt center (Note: The Remember Me Option only remembers your username)

After signing in, only left is to let the download verify if there’s any patches and it will start the game automatically~

If you have problems you can ask for help in our Discord server, in the #support section, But only after doing your own research!