Server increased + few fixes

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Dear players, we’re happy to announce that the server is now back up! We’ve successfully increased its performances. Enjoy a smoother gaming experience!
In addition, we also have:

  • Added Ephnel’s Desire Worker outfit at the Lucy craft.
  • Fixed the drops in Glutton World. [NOT FIXED]
  • Fixed the pointless censorship in game.
  • Added a way to reset password via your email on the website.

Lastly, after constatating the issues with the web-based launcher, we’ll be working on another launcher (not web-based anymore)! So if you’ve been struggling with the current launcher and/or the players workaround suggestion (on the Discord in #launcher-tutorial) then please just wait until we release the new launcher! ETA is tomorrow.

PS: no worries for the players who already installed the game. You’ll simply need the replace the launcher file only! Quick and simple.

Thank you for your patience!