Extended downtime statement

Dear players,

With great sorrow I regret to inform you that BurningSW is taking an extended downtime starting from today.

There's many reasons why this is happening now. It's something that's been cooking in the background for a while, it's not a rushed decision nor something that happened overnight. As you might have noticed, these past months the entire staff team has been having issues keeping up with the quality we stand for.

We are dealing with a never ending stream of issues, problems and mistakes behind the scenes that have caught us by surprise and have left us burnt out. It's taking a toll on us and for our sanity, we need to go on a hiatus.

But fear not, our intention is to come back as soon as possible and better than ever! But first, we need to sort out our issues and restructure the team.

Thank you for your understanding.


Burning & the Staff Team


Q. But is BurningSW coming back?
A. Yes, well, probably. Very likely it will.

Q. When is BurningSW coming back?
A. We cannot give a proper answer to this, our estimate would be somewhere from one to two months. But you know how it goes when you give any ETAs, so we'll just say soon ™

Q. Will the players' progress be kept?
A. Yes, we're only having an extended downtime. We're not restarting the game or anything like that.

Q. Will there be a compensation when the game is back?
A. Of course! Freebies will be given away when we come back.

Q. Is the game going to be updated after this extended downtime?
A. Yes! We're going to have Nabi Lee and further content added.

Q. What's going to happen to the Discord server?
A. Channels outside of Information will be locked in the meantime.